Area Codes for Lucknow and Nearby Locations

The area code used in the Lucknow metropolitan area is: 522. Area codes for other locations near Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh are shown below.

In India, area codes are often called STD codes -- STD stands for 'subscriber trunk dialing'. To make things more confusing, they are also called SDCA codes. SDCA stands for 'short distance charging area'. So this means that in India:

area code = STD code = SDCA code

Lucknow STD / area code

In India, area codes / STD codes are used somewhat differently than in other parts of the world in the sense that the physical area and/or population that they cover is often quite small. There is an historical reason for this that relates to an early technology limitation that now no longer exists.

Nevertheless, this old area code numbering scheme has stuck and as a result, India has hundreds and hundreds of STD codes -- many, many more than most countries.

Another somewhat unusual thing is that area codes / STD codes are used only for landline phone numbers in India. Mobile phone numbers in India do not utilize area codes. Instead, the mobile prefixes '9x' and '8x' are used for all mobile numbers regardless of where the subscriber is based.

This means that the listed Lucknow area codes are only applicable to India landline phone numbers.

To make an inbound international call (or domestic long distance call) to a Lucknow landline phone, you need to dial a 3-digit area code, along with a 7-digit local subscriber number - 10-digits total.

If you are calling a Lucknow mobile phone number, you should not use this area code. Click here for further details on dialing a Lucknow mobile phone number - and for information on how to tell a landline number from a mobile number.

Click for more on dialing a Lucknow landline number.

STD Codes / Area Codes for the Lucknow, India Area

Lucknow is located in the Uttar Pradesh East telecom circle. The following table lists the STD codes for all locations in the UPE telecom circle. more on India telecom circles >>>>

In the table, 'LDCA' and 'SDCA' refer to 'long distance charging area' and 'short distance charging area', respectively. Generally speaking, SDCAs correspond roughly to towns. LDCAs are larger and correspond roughly to counties or districts. LDCAs contain multiple SDCAs.

STD Codes for Lucknow and Other Locations
in the Uttar Pradesh East Telecom Circle

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LDCAsort iconSDCASTD Code
Allahabad Allahabad 532
Allahabad Bharwari 5331
Allahabad Karchhana (Shankergarh) 5333
Allahabad Meja (Sirsa) 5334
Allahabad Phoolpur 5332
Allahabad Soraon 5335
Azamgarh Azamgarh 5462
Azamgarh Ghosi 5461
Azamgarh Lalganj 5463
Azamgarh Maunathbhanjan 5464
Azamgarh Phulpur-I (Phulpur) 5460
Azamgarh Phulpur-II (Atrawlia) 5465
Azamgarh Sagri 5466
Bahraich Bahraich-I (Bahrailh) 5252
Bahraich Bahraich-II (Bhinga) 5250
Bahraich Kaisarganh-II (Mahasi) 5255
Bahraich Kaisarganj-I (Kaiserganj) 5251
Bahraich Nanpara-I (Nanpara) 5253
Bahraich Nanparah-II (Mihinpurwa) 5254
Ballia Ballia-I (Ballia) 5498
Ballia Ballia-II (Raniganj) 5496
Ballia Bansdeeh 5494
Ballia Rasara 5491
Banda Baberu 5190
Banda Banda 5192
Banda Karvi-I (Karvi) 5198
Banda Karvi-II (Manikpur) 5194
Banda Mau (Rajapur) 5195
Banda Naraini (Attarra) 5191
Barabanki Barabanki 5248
Barabanki Fatehpur 5240
Barabanki Haidergarh 5244
Barabanki Ramsanehi Ghat 5241
Basti Bansi 5545
Basti Basti 5542
Basti Domariyaganj 5541
Basti Harraiya 5546
Basti Khalilabad-I 5547
Basti Khalilabad-II (Mehdawal) 5548
Basti Naugarh-I (Tetribazar) 5544
Basti Naugarh-II (Barhani) 5543
Deoria Captanganj (Khadda) 5563
Deoria Captanganj-I (Captanganj) 5567
Deoria Deoria 5568
Deoria Padrauna 5564
Deoria Salempur-I (Salempur) 5566
Deoria Salempur-II (Barhaj) 5561
Etawah Auraiya 5683
Etawah Bharthana 5680
Etawah Bidhuna 5681
Etawah Etawah 5688
Faizabad Akbarpur-I (Akbarpur) 5271
Faizabad Akbarpur-II (Jalalpur) 5275
Faizabad Bikapur 5270
Faizabad Faizabad 5278
Faizabad Tanda-II (Baskhari) 5274
Faizabad Tandai-I (Tanda) 5273
Farrukhabad Chhibramau 5691
Farrukhabad Farrukhabad (Fategarh) 5692
Farrukhabad Kaimganj 5690
Farrukhabad Kannauj 5694
Fatehpur Bindki 5181
Fatehpur Fateh-Pur-I (Fatehpur) 5180
Fatehpur Fatehpur-II (Gazipur) 5183
Fatehpur Khaga 5182
Ghazipur Ghazipur 548
Ghazipur Mohamdabad 5493
Ghazipur Saidpur 5495
Ghazipur Zamania 5497
Gonda Balarampur-I (Balrampur) 5263
Gonda Balarampur-II (Tulsipur) 5264
Gonda Gonda 5262
Gonda Tarabganj-I (Terabganj) 5260
Gonda Tarabganj-II (Colonelganj) 5261
Gonda Utraula 5265
Gorakhpur Bansgaon-I (Bansgaon) 5525
Gorakhpur Bansgaon-II (BarhalGanj) 5521
Gorakhpur Gorakhpur 551
Gorakhpur Maharajganj 5523
Gorakhpur Pharenda-I (Compierganj) 5522
Gorakhpur Pharenda-II (AnandNagar) 5524
Hamirpur Charkhari 5283
Hamirpur Hamirpur 5282
Hamirpur Mahoba 5281
Hamirpur Maudaha 5284
Hamirpur Rath 5280
Hardoi Bilgam-I (Madhoganj) 5851
Hardoi Bilgram-II (Sandi) 5855
Hardoi Hardoi-I (Hardoi) 5852
Hardoi Hardoi-II (Baghavli) 5850
Hardoi Sandila 5854
Hardoi Shahabad 5853
Jaunpur Jaunpur 5452
Jaunpur Kerakat 5450
Jaunpur Machlishahar 5454
Jaunpur Mariyahu 5451
Jaunpur Shahganj 5453
Jhansi Chirgaon (Moth) 5170
Jhansi Garauth 5171
Jhansi Jhansi 5174
Jhansi Lalitpur-I (Lalitpur) 5176
Jhansi Lalitpur-II (Talbehat) 5175
Jhansi Mauranipur 5178
Jhansi Mehraun 5172
Kanpur Akbarpur 5111
Kanpur Bhognipur (Pakhrayan) 5113
Kanpur Bilhaur 5112
Kanpur Derapur (Jhinjak) 5114
Kanpur Ghatampur 5115
Kanpur Kanpur 512
Lakhimpur Kheri Kheri-I (Kheri) 5872
Lakhimpur Kheri Kheri-II (Bhira) 5870
Lakhimpur Kheri Mohamdi-I (Mohamdi) 5876
Lakhimpur Kheri Mohamdi-II (Maigalganj) 5875
Lakhimpur Kheri Nighasan-I (Palliakalan) 5871
Lakhimpur Kheri Nighasan-II (Tikonia) 5873
Lakhimpur Kheri Nighasan-III (Dhaurahra) 5874
Lucknow Lucknow 522
Lucknow Malihabad 5212
Mainpuri Bhogaon 5673
Mainpuri Jasrana 5671
Mainpuri Karhal 5677
Mainpuri Mainpuri 5672
Mainpuri Shikohabad 5676
Mirzapur Chunur 5443
Mirzapur Dudhi-I (Dudhi) 5447
Mirzapur Dudhi-II (Pipri) 5446
Mirzapur Mirzapur-I (Mirzapur) 5442
Mirzapur Mirzapur-II (Hallia) 5440
Mirzapur Robertsganj-I 5444
Mirzapur Robertsganj-II (Obra) 5445
Orai Jalaun 5168
Orai Kalpi 5164
Orai Konch 5165
Orai Orai 5162
Pratapgarh Kunda 5341
Pratapgarh Patti 5343
Pratapgarh Pratapgarh 5342
Raibareilly Dalmau-I (Dalmau) 5317
Raibareilly Dalmau-II (Lalganj) 5315
Raibareilly Raibareli 535
Raibareilly Salon-I (Salon) 5311
Raibareilly Salon-II (Jais) 5313
Sahjahanpur Jalalabad 5843
Sahjahanpur Powayan 5844
Sahjahanpur Shahjahanpur 5842
Sahjahanpur Tilhar 5841
Sitapur Biswan 5863
Sitapur Misrikh-I (Misrikh) 5865
Sitapur Misrikh-II (Aurangabad) 5861
Sitapur Sidhauli (Mahmodabad) 5864
Sitapur Sitapur 5862
Sultanpur Amethi 5368
Sultanpur Kadipur 5364
Sultanpur Musafirkhana 5361
Sultanpur Sultanpur 5362
Unnao Hasanganj 5143
Unnao Purwa (Bighapur) 5142
Unnao Safipur 5144
Unnao Unnao 515
Varansi Bhadohi 5414
Varansi Chakia 5413
Varansi Chandauli (Mugalsarai) 5412
Varansi Varansi 542

Phone Number Formatting Guidelines

For dialing purposes, please take note of the following:

  • For areas with 2-digit STD codes: Subscriber numbers for areas with 2-digit area codes are 8-digits long (10-digits total).
  • For areas with 3-digit STD codes: Subscriber numbers for areas with a 3-digit area codes are 7-digits long (10-digits total).
  • For areas with 4-digit STD codes: Subscriber numbers for areas with 4-digit area codes are 6-digits long (10-digits total).

In all cases, these numbering rules allow the final complete phone number to conform to the required 10-digit telephone number format that is standard throughout India for landline phones.

Mobile phones are also currently 10-digits long, but STD codes do not apply to them.

Please check India's official National Numbering Plan (large pdf) for a complete list of India area codes / SDCA codes.

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In some cases, area codes may be referred to as city codes. However, a 'city code' more correctly refers to the codes used for airports and other geographic designations under the UN's UN/LOCODE system and/or the IATA airport coding system. The city code for Lucknow is LKO.

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